Thursday, 12 March 2015

Review by Narayani - 'Blasphemy'

A very close friend of mine, Narayani Karthik, a prolific blogger and a multi-tasker herself, has generously offered to contribute a small guest post on her review of Tehmina Durrani's famous work "Blasphemy". I extend my heartfelt gratitude and hope to encourage more posts from her. Her take and I agree......

"I have read the book blasphemy.....I personally felt it was disturbing beyond imagination........and tehmina durrani is an accomplished doubts but I am not sure if that book is entirely true but cannot be completely untrue considering the regressive and feudal fabric of their society.....however the flip side of her life is she chose to suffer the horrors of marital abuse at the hands of mustafa her second husband.....'my feudal lord' being her autobiography.....and it is her life that makes me wonder how women can ruin their own her autobiography....she was at NO instance of time helpless enough to NOT get out of the hell hole she jumped in with full conviction knowing in the first place that her husband was a devil incarnate....well......notwithstanding all that.....she is talented and has a great writing point is a woman needs to stop herself from getting engulfed by some Stockholm's syndrome despite her stack of degrees and professional success.....she has to just fight back.....there can be many emotional loops but then when it comes to a do or die....she must know when to step out and where to shout....and that is what the world needs you have so beautifully pointed out.....she needs to study and stand on her feet and should be able to lead her life sans any dependence on a male counterpart........ The recent lynching incident is a typical mob showing Mukesh Singh's interview in the recent documentary was I heard as am yet to see it...but if they is downright wrong....(except if a few 'shrinks' decided to study the specimen as a case study....if you remember the nithari killings villain who was kind of 'preserved' till he was hanged)......why cant these people just die......and what is the need to study an animal who one knows for sure is a menace......and is supposed to be destroyed once and for all rather than being 'studied'.

Coming to women, high time women need to learn self defensive techniques so that they set examples......that they cannot be walked over like doormats....."

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