Thursday, 7 May 2015

SODE 103 welcomes the newlyweds!

The newly weds, post their successful army-christening!


Marriages are made in heaven they say, and keeping alive the tradition of welcoming new couples into the fraternity has been a very exciting experience! I can comfortably say this as I have never been at the receiving end! Our tenure at MCTE started with the chill of December winters, dry and cold, but the course soon made up for it, so to say the least! The year started with a bang when SODE 103 extended an exciting welcome to Capt Kulbir and Mrs Japneet Singh, exciting for all but Mrs. Japneet! I am sure she must be smiling on reading this now and agreeing wholeheartedly to my narration. 

Coming from a business class family and being warned  about such notorious welcomes into the army by her father-in-law (a Retd Officer himself), did not deter Japneet from believing the drama that was staged in the hearts of Mhow market. Kudos on acting to all those involved and especially, her better half! This is how it went…an evening bike ride in the by lanes of the market and the couple reaches the ChowRaha, the famous round about by Jaiswal. 4 self-proclaimed goons who manage to reach just in time as their car breaks down 100 metres short of the actual spot, show as if coming from nowhere! Really!!?? Japneet is taken by surprise as Capt Kulbir warns them against eve teasing and threatens to stop the bike…Japneet wonders “Oye tu gaddi ni bike chala raha hai…rukna mat….waise bhi who char hai!” She refrains from saying all of this as their marriage is 12 days old. What follows is a fist-fight with no interference (!) (fortunately for the goons) from the locals and Capt Kulbir is shown hurt. 

Somebody manages to arrive just in time to bring her back to MCTE premises, pale with fear and anxiety. The whole course gathers in our lawn and successfully makes her life miserable! The poor newly-wed hardly knows anyone and is being offered sugar, Bournvita(?) and chikki from Punjab! She doesn’t know what goes with what but somehow we keep her pressure from dropping as her fainting would mean a disastrous end to the act. Someone comes up with the bright idea of calling her father-in-law under the pretext of asking Capt kulbir’s blood group. That does it and the poor frightened girl can no longer stop those tears! Half the course mates run outside to celebrate victory! Someone else mentions some broken bones and ladies put in their mirch masala by narrating non-existent events from the past at CME, Pune. Cherry on top of the cake, all of this is video recorded. One hour into the drama and Capt Kulbir arrives with a bang to ceremoniously take his shaken wife home and prepare self for some real beating! 

The glorious evening comes to a theatrical end when SODE 103 makes Capt Kulbir climb atop a slippery tree and propose to her, convincingly enough. Nonetheless to say, she takes her revenge by not relenting and he woes her with a beautiful song. All of this against the backdrop of dholaks and us dancing, of course! A memorable evening and a fantastic start to their wed life (they said so themselves!) has only seen the couple grow fonder of each other. May we all wish them a great married life ahead!

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