Monday, 16 March 2009

Shades of my life !

It has got nothing to do with a shady life ! These are days which I saw in different shades of blues, greens, reds and whites ! I shall come to them individually ! I have been getting up every single day of my stay here feeling a new colour ! Mondays have always been blue ! Now that is not surprising is it !!? A rainbow weekend is often followed by foggy weather, whether you like it or not ! But the tiny ones are such a joy that I feel the colours back ! I saw kilometres of meadows here and I fell in love with green ! The lndscapes are so magnificent and so positive ! I hardly see it in Bombay, and I have it in abundance here ! Its such an optimistic colour ! I saw life and I saw the life of the contryside people too ! They live ! They really do and so do their pets, of all colours ! The best green I loved was the Green Man, the GO man in Berlin, the signal man ! See,,,i said its an optimistic colour ! Nature does teach you a lot ! VERTical is how you should climb in life !! (Vert = Green). I saw blue on other days too ! In the skies and its lines ! I actually realised one day that my definition of a skyline was not really accurate ! But it still shone blue so its ok ! :D And at the same time, I saw the Lady Eiffel behing me, so vehemently lit up ! The yellow shone poise, attitude and pride ! How I loved her ! :) She was also blue towards the year end but she looked beautiful then too in starry nights dressed in a starry robe herself which glittered every hour ! If you see the Eiffe; Tower gliterring at the same time on 2 consecutive days as a matter of pure conincidence, its considered to be heavenly lucky by the way !! :)

Yes so lets continue with different strokes of our paint brush ! Remember ! We are in the tiny world ! And it is RED ! People who have read them will know !!! :D I call them apples. These are the kids whom I teach. They are red, round and they are fresh. So, I call them apples. The red on the cheeks gets redder if they smile and its a hell lot of a task to make them smile ! So its a hard earned colour ! Now you know why it is the colour of love too ! :) A colour of rage, passion, strong emotions and also a colour which makes me stop and the lights ! A colour which the French don't see so often. They prefer lighter shades, in clothes, food and conduct ! You will not see people flaring at eachother that easily !

I am a completely adherent to black ! Its however ironical that paranoia ends with me when it comes to darkness which is pitch black and I do not like solitude either cos idle hours often make me sorrowful, again portrayed black ! But off late, I have fallen in love with white ! I met snow for the first time in such heaps and I fell and I fell for it ! I felt like taking it home in mountains ! I felt purity and peace to its zenith with so much white around me and showers of it refusing to stop ! It was stunning ! The company matters too ! It was so honest and truthful a colour the way I felt and saw it because I was with whom I was, that I donot want to unfeel and feel again the first experience of a snowfall ! A BLAN(c)ket of it!!!! (Blanc = white).

So I try and keep all the shades on me all the time to make my days colourful ! Days make all events and all people around me colourful too ! I EVENTually thank these shades which guide me so know...just how strokin....oopss...strikingly !!! :)

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