Friday, 15 May 2009

Tchin to Chinar !!!! :D first things first...I have to explain what this idiotic looking title means. Everything is written for a reason and this is no exception. I agree that I have some time but not enough to wile it away on blog titles either. Anyways, so Tchin is the sound we make and the word we say ( pronounce it as chin, it anyways gives the widest grin at such will soon know why! ) when we drink wine with the French anywhere on the planet. And Chinar is the tree after which is named my friend's hostel in MICA in Ahmedabad. This freaky creature is my darling and my biggest inspiration to write this particular post. IN SHORT : (for those who are still reading this) : I raised a toast to a particular Chinar tree sitting in Ahmedabad which used to scare my poor friend out of her wits and made her change her sleeping pattern. I am doing the same over this weekend. Hence, the post. Here, I shoot (hope not myself during the night).

So, I landed in France with a comforting thought that I was staying with a family or I might end up staying in a studio, (it costs a hell, therefore, it has to be small, therefore it wont have rooms, therefore, I could sleep alone !!! )were my ensuing thoughts ! I then met a lovely roomie, just like my MICA friend did. We hit off like a house on fire (that happening literally too...galati se) just like my MICA friend did and I forgot that I was scared to death of sleeping alone in a house. It so happened in 7 months that only on a particular night, I was house alone, but I could call another SOS friend to sleep over. 7 months down. Roomie in Chandigarh. I am still in France. People go away. The house is empty. But I am still in the house. And I have to sleep alone tonight. I made the mistake of reading MICA friend's blog where she has weird ideas, which have not helped me really you know...i mean i am scared of my own reflection in the mirror but then ghosts and other planetory or whatever objects passing by without reflection was news to me ! Anyways, at least I was inspired to write. Besides, its keeping me busy !

Yes, so after a smooth ride of 7 months, I am undertaking the biggest venture of my life and I need luck from all you readers. I will write more. If, I survive. Unless if you really did not love my posts, in which case you can wish otherwise. I will welcome all techniques for tonight ! I am going to employ the one suggested by MICA friend already. I think I will sit up studying until 5 am in the morning or just watching a film or TV or some music, my all-time love and life saviours until date and then when all those unseen objects will go to sleep, I shall sleep too. Or maybe, I can keep writing the whole night. No, not posts, i do not wish to be out cast. I love my friends. Or maybe, I can speak to my would be husband. But he is India. And I am still here. And he works tomorrow. Let us see (maybe speak). Or maybe, I can speak to some friends who are some hours behind me and still enjoying sunshine !

I am still thinking and I will welcome all suggestions ! All the windows are already shut and all the lights are on. The TV, laptop (obviously) and all other gadgets are handy and I know there is nothing to fear about.

Wish me luck. I hope to see you all tomorrow. If I do this once, I am sure I will manage everytime(!!!??!!!).


  1. Oh dear,come back home I will share some experience with you....but not I love you Guddi... :D.... Take care of them... :D (as I did..... ???? confused???)

  2. babloo
    u shud come on gtalk after 30 mins and stay up with me all night... i am home alone too you see :P
    btw this particular friend livign in chinar survived with dylan playing in the background as she slept... dylan made life alright for her!