Saturday, 21 August 2010

KIT KAT break bunta hai ! :)

Changing titles and keeping easily comprehensible ones is under a consideration but my creative independence, however self-proclaimed, refuses to give me that liberty ! So I continue with my tradition of writing weird titles and even weirder posts ! No compulsions on reading...;) In case you do, would appreciate a comment !

I re-read my blog today after 15 months and no other title would have been more apt ! Ironically enough, somebody had asked me a decade back "So what is that you would want to become in your next birth?" I had said without the slightest hesitation "A squirrel !" The same very squirrel is teaching me a nice lesson today by doing a guest appearance in the new Kit Kat ad and the ad says promptly..."Break toh bunta hai !" I relived all those events which had inspired me to write last year and more importantly, had given me space enough to nurture something that I selflessly enjoy....penning down thoughts !! Nothing on this planet could get more enjoyable really ! And I decided at that very instant that no matter what I do in life, this is one thing I am going to pursue !

Would love to dedicate this post to like minded people who claim not to have time (even if they really don't) to go buy a Kit Kat ! Its a shame that my fingers did not wriggle this desperately to type all that rests in that tiny head of mine all this while ! We run and run until its too late to turn back and recall some wonderful moments spent in life and forget to relive them. We let so much time pass that it gets impossible to feel the same again !! I don't want to make that mistake and I urge my friends to join me for instance ! On other occasions, I have been crazy enough not to wisely ask anybody to be in my shoes !! They are way too colourful ! :) Anyways, I just recollected those wonderful times when I was in sync with anything that was more creative in life ! And I suddenly realised that I have taken it too seriously ! Things that I missed in these 15 months...writing, day-dreaming, sheepishly looking at things...and much more !! Though there are things which I will always have time, loud laughter !! :p

True, chapters start and end and you have books to finish but I just took the pains of looking back at the Index and getting the HIGHlights of the recent past ! And I want to do this periodically. It helps preserve friendships, something that I cherish for life, some brush strokes that you can't and you won't want to brush aside, some lovely encounters that last longer than you live and just a rememberance of all these things which has made my life worth a while ! :)

Live it in a way that you would want to relive and not relieve of, every moment of it ! :)

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