Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Small spaces Part 2 !

This is a bi-sequel. Firstly since its a continuation to the post "Small spaces", the first part and secondly cos its a continuation to my "Posts-dedicated-to-friends" phase. This one is for you Bansal. It was a promise and not venturing into this one would have meant a broken heart ! Mine, ofcourse ! :)

I wrote the first one exaclty half way into our stay in the land of Sarkozy. I hear his name every 5 minutes just about anywhere. These days, I dream of him. This is a serious issue out here. Now you also know why half the days I do not work thanks(?!!) to the frequent strikes. Anyways...yes so this post shall also talk about the same things but in a different perspective. The way I look at this more so, in retrospect. Bansal hasn't really left us. As I am writing this one, I can actually hear her stupid jokes and her cranky laughter and her yelling at me over the fact that I do not hate Sardars (no offense whatsoever meant). :P So (at) this same little (s)pace again in the 2nd half of the stay saw us howl like mad-heads. I pity her (the space). We still spoke into wee hours of the morning but we did not have to get up half the times cos our bosses were on strike ! :D Those falls in every state reduced since our family helped us with the wine-intake business ! ;) Consequently, the sleeptalk and walk reduced since we slept peacefully and at the cost of being indecent, like logs ! Coffee cups were replaced with tea cups and dust with rain. Terrible weather I tell you ! Govinda songs were replaced with Rajpal Yadav songs and louder laughter. Ramp walks became much more appropriate. Since we had used up half our material, things got less and worst lost, so the time gained was promptly used for more nonsensical talks, the tasty tarts and pizzas were replaced very often with Indian cuisine (I avoid mentioning the menu at the risk of it being repetitive :P...i am sure Bansal you will agree with me on this). Some things however will eternally be the same and they certainly need a mention. I am not scared of a beating anymore cos it wont be so soon atleast ! Yes, so to start with, my self-confidence dampening everytime I tried to wake this babe up. That never did and never shall change ! Period ! I lose. I accept. I have a history of friends having their history of falls. So, undoubtedly, that is eternal as well. Bansal, keeping the tradition alive, did fall newly in every corner of the house and broke some furniture without having a sip of alcohol. Dont dare ask me otherwise ! I will send her drunk to your place ! :D She continued my robe-hunting everywhere on the streets and the sanest thing ever that crossed her ming was to accompany us in Switzerland. This needs a special post cos I turned 25 and it was the best birthday until date. She played a keyrole in executing it. Love you girl ! And we got back and started feeling depressed as unknowingly, the countdown had started ! But well, as I recently read in some book about the present moment being eternal and living it to the fullest moment is the most ideal thing to do, we consoled ourselves. We decided not to taint the most lovely period of our lives spent together with our family, by feeling sad about it !

Everytime I have wine, I raise a toast to you, to us and to our family ! Cherishing it all, life goes on. Hope you are all colourfull in our land ! I shall see you soon girl ! Miss you ! :)

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  1. I just love you sweetheart :)......even i want to thank you and our family for the wonderful time we had together.....October '08 - April'09 is the golden period of my life so far :)......but yes, a beating from me awaits you for sure ;)....see ya soon yaar !!